"Coyote's Pup"

Greeting Goodkindles readers, hope everyone is having an awesome day. I, A.M. Burns, would like to welcome you all to the small Texas town of Yellow Sky. Yellow Sky is an interesting, and occasionally scary place, where creatures like werecoyotes, witches, vampires and gargoyles roam. Into this strange town, comes Chance Latrans. He’s the sole survivor of a monstrous attack in the New Mexico mountains. Can the young man now find love and vengeance amongst the magical, nightmare creatures that now share his life, or will the beast that changed his life forever find him and destroy him? With the help of a beautiful weather witch and several werecreatures, young Chance embarks on a journey of transformation, horror and wonder. Hope you enjoy the ride…read.

Book Description:

Chance Latrans was just your average teenager until, on his fifteenth birthday, while camping in the mountains of New Mexico, his family is attacked by a beast under the light of a full moon. Chance finds himself surrounded by strange people only to find out that the beast that killed his family was a werecoyote, and he has been bitten. Embarking on a journey into a nightmare world of magic and wonder, he finds himself changing in ways he could never imagine. Can he find a place for himself in this new world with creatures he'd never imagined really existed, or will it all be torn away from him by the monster that took away his normal life?