Patchwork Stained Glass

Patchwork Stained Glass -- Book Club Fiction / Coming of Age Love Story

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Romilly Shepard spent her childhood with abusive parents, and as a college student, she finds comfort in the hard facts of science. She lives with her friend Martha, also an atheist, and they see each other as like-minded rationalists who stand elbow-to-elbow against a hopelessly irrational world. Intent on debunking, Romilly and Martha sign up for a comparative religion class, but the instructor, a graduate student and preacher named Ernest, challenges Romilly's assumptions. His open-mindedness and tolerance broaden Romilly's mind and win her heart. 

Martha feels betrayed by Romilly's love for a preacher, and Ernest's congregation thinks Romilly is a heathen in need of salvation. Friction mounts between Romilly and Ernest, and she fears she's nothing more than his Convert-an-Atheist Project. But when a chronic disease threatens Ernest's life, labels given by other people no longer seem so important. Romilly takes a crash course in faith and hope — faith in Ernest's love, hope for his healing. In doing so, she learns to embrace their differences and not fear them, but has her awakening come too late?