The Red Cross of Gold I:. The Knight of Death

Greetings All!  My name is Brendan Carroll and I am the author of the epic fantasy series, the Assassin Chronicles.  The Red Cross of Gold I:. The Knight of Death is the first of twenty-eight books, of which 24 or currently published in eReader formats, as well as, paperback available from  The series follows the adventures, trials and tribulations of Sir Mark Andrew Ramsay, Chevalier du Morte, Poor Knight of Solomon's Temple as he struggles to come to terms with the roots of his existence and the purpose of the clandestine Order of Templars he has served for over 800 years.  Along the way, he meets dragons, angels, demons, fairies and other mystical creatures.  Some of them are old enemies he must defeat, while others are old friends he has made on his journey. Travel along with him as he comes face to face with himself and the truth about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
Only a fool can rule the world.