Shadow of the Wolf (Darkness Unleashed Book 1)

A quest to save the future from the darkness is more than it seems…

Saleene is a healer of her people. Sent out to find the root of the
darkness, she finds more than she bargained for. Demons and ghouls at
every turn, Saleene soon finds she has more than just an unknown evil to
battle. Drawn to an abandoned cabin for shelter, she's met by the stare of
a man who is more than he appears, and may be her only hope.

Dartian is a warrior sent out to find the cause of the death that
continues to spread. With his friends lending assistance, they find that
the evil is deeper than first thought. Ending up at an abandoned shack he
finds more than just a place to rest. Inside its four walls is a woman
that calls to every part of his being.

Fate has drawn them together--- to battle the darkness that has been

But first they must learn to trust their own bond…. And start to reform
the circle once more.