Thicker Than Water (Blood Brothers)

Hi, I'm Greg. I love the mythology surrounding vampires, but I have a tendency to loathe vampire fiction. Too often they're a bunch of tofu-sucking day-walking Goth kids who whine about monotony of eternity because after a thousand years they still haven't learned to enjoy life. I wrote 'Thicker Than Water' because I thought I could do better, because I thought the vampire ought to be a hedonistic sadist who views himself as more important than humanity. The story shows readers the world through the eyes of two two god-like antiheroes who feud with one another as they seduce women, rob trains, burn down buildings, and otherwise wage war against all things wholesome from the wild west up to present day Las Vegas.

As a word of warning, this is a book for mature audiences, and preferably audiences who hate the human race and it's notions of decency.