Trials By Fire

First time author, long time writer.  Just launched my debut book, Trials By Fire. 

The Divine Order Saga is a series of books set in a world with Victorian-Era technology. After creation, mankind waged war against each other for millenia before a group of warriors, dedicated to the gods, forced warlords to kneel and surrender. Thus The Order came to be, having banded all mankind together into unity. The Order created a monarchy to rule the land, relegating itself to the interest of the gods. From The Order sprang Justices – divine warriors whose purpose was to maintain good and law in the land, doing the will of the gods.

When Daron becomes a fully graduated member of the Order - a divinely inspired establishment set to provide peace and justice within the land - he stumbles upon a plot surrounding a young woman, Leah, fleeing for her life before mercenaries sent to fetch her. While attempting to keep her safe and grow into his new abilities, he becomes tangled in the plans of a man in possession of unholy magic, never before seen in the realm, who is bent on opening the eyes of humanity to a dark truth.

Daron struggles to fit into a world he doesn't fully understand and fight to keep humanity safe, while delving into Leah's difficult past. With the fate of the kingdom at stake, he has to trust in the gods, but not is all as it seems.