All I Needed to Know I Learned from Columbo

My name is Adam Graham and I'm a huge fan of great detective fiction. Whether it's Philip Marlowe, Nero Wolfe,  Sherlock Holmes, or some obscure character most people haven't heard of, I'm a big fan of detectives
In the course of their careers, I've noticed that these detectives often impart some very valuable life lessons. My book All I Needed to Know I Learned from Columbo examines life lessons from seven great detectives, as well as a history of each detective.
I don't claim that the lessons contained in the book are somehow original. Most could be found in the Bible as well as dozens of other philisophical and religious books written over the centuries.  However, what I endeavor to do with All I Needed to Know I Learned from Columbo is to take a look at these lessons in a fresh way through the lives and work of great detectives. The detectives featured are Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe, Father Brown, Boston Blackie, Dan Holiday, Columbo, and Adrian Monk. The lessons vary from time management to dealing with anger and finding courage.
I hope readers will enjoy reading about their favorite detectives and pick up an important life lesson or two along the way.
Adam Graham
Author of Tales of the Dim Knight