Drawn Breath (Part I - Wrought Iron)

Can the human being advance beyond what it is presently? If so to what purpose? Is it likely to be hostile? Is insanity the acceptance of fantasy as reality or reality as fantasy? Can it truly be defined? Where is the line drawn between a psychopath and a functioning soldier and in war can we really discern?

Questions are the kernels of curiosity and in life we all have that uniting essence. The epic novel, Drawn Breath is the soil for these seedlings to take root and blossom. In so doing a new and vivid world is born, taking hold in the mind. So take a deep breath...and enter.

Book Description:
Hhaam is the world torn apart by war. Hhaam is the world of the Bladesmen and the warrior class. Hhaam is the world where only the ruthless and murderous survive. Within Hhaam you either cloak yourself in the garb of the soldier or fall to the ever present predators; those eternally seeking blood and power. Amo and Suun are two rustic, young boys in this haphazard realm, sons of a father who is an alleged legendary soldier and a mother with an impenetrable mystery. They set out on the path of the soldier and train in the esoteric ways of the Bladesmen; but as they develop, the border between their idyllic childhood and the nightmarish reality begins to dissolve. Will Amo and Suun have the strength to rise above, conquering their fears and deflecting the threat of insanity, and become top soldiers? Will they truly master the mind? Follow their journey in this tale of pain, power and perseverance that marks the beginning of the epic - Drawn Breath.

Note that the first part Wrought Iron is intended to be free, which it is on Smashwords. On Amazon it is $0.99c but this will soon be made free when Amazon price matches.

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