"Grey" is the first in a series of paranormal fantasy novels titled the Balance series. As the author, Nick Shamhart, I wanted to present a story that would add a level of realism to fantasy. Many people will say they do not like that type of book, or they only read a certain genre. Anyone can read and enjoy a well written story, as long as it has identifiable characters, flowing dialogue, and an interesting plot. I am told "Grey" has all those and I firmly believe that it does. Because the story takes place after death, we will all face the same choices as the heroes of this tale at some point, and there are  no preexisting conditions - like being a wizard, mutant, alien, or super natural critter- needed to identify with the hero Grey.

"Grey" is a paranormal urban fantasy novel with horror overtones dealing with the unseen world of balancing powers. Too often life is viewed in terms of good and evil, black or white, and the balance point tipping in either direction is ignored. Why should the afterlife be any different? We are given a choice when we die to move on to the Source of life, stay on earth and slowly evolve into more of what we were (good people become angelic and bad people become demonic), or a chosen few can work to keep the Balance between them. Grey is such a warrior who works to maintain that balance. He wishes to retire by moving onto the next phase of existence (the Source), so he needs to train a replacement. Grey recruits Pete to learn how to destroy demons and when necessary smack angels around to keep them in line. With help from an eclectic crew of other metaphysical "policemen and women, like the no nonsense Raven," Grey and Pete stop the biblical demon Legion from destroying a small town in Illinois, setting off a chain reaction that could upset the Balance in this supernatural buddy cop comedy.