The Hawk and His Boy

Jute was an ordinary street thief, a pickpocket, a climber. He knew
how to do the jobs he was given and keep his mouth shut. One day,
however, he stole the wrong thing from the wrong person. Before he
knew it, legends were coming alive around him. Talking hawks, wizards,
walking nightmares with a taste for his blood. It's everything he can
do to stay alive, particularly when all the powers of darkness want
him dead.

With an ancient hawk for a mentor and a wizard teaching him about the
past, maybe Jute can evade death long enough to figure out that some
legends aren't over yet. And that maybe he's become part of the
greatest legend of all.

The Hawk and His Boy is the first book of the Tormay Trilogy. The
story continues with The Shadow at the Gate and concludes with The
Wicked Day. Available on Amazon for Kindle: