The Heart of War


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Kindle: (paperback)

Introduction: The Heart of War is Book #1 in the OF WAR series of erotic/romantic paranormal thrillers centering around Ares God of War and Magdalena MacLeod a half-fey half-human woman who washes up on his island with no real recollection of how she got there.  Come along for a steamy adventure of love, lust, rage, and redemption.

Book blurb:
Inside the Heart of every Warrior breathes the Soul of a Hero--even within The Heart of War.

Meet Ares God of War, the greatest Warrior the world has ever known. He's moody, grumpy, dominant, ravenously sexual, and above all, built like a Greek God.

Suspected of killing his Daughter in-Law, Psyche, and long in exile from Olympus, the solitude of Ares' secluded Greek Isle is interrupted when Magdalena MacLeod a plucky little Fey washes up on his shore after believing she's been shipwrecked. It's not mere fate that has brought the unlikely couple together yet it may be what tears them apart.

Branded with a golden chastity belt bearing the mark of Cernunnos, Celtic God of the Forest and Death, Alena has been on the run from her husband the Great Horned God for 200 years.

When the Olympians discover her presence on Ares' island, they send Apollo to the island while Ares is away with orders to bring her to Olympus. With nowhere to run and strikes a bargain with the God of War--her virginity for his protection.

Ares sees a sweeter deal; her in his bed and himself back in his rightful place on Olympus among the Gods. If it means turning Alena over to Zeus afterward, well that's of no consequence to it?

After Alena proves herself to the God of War in battle and in his bed, Ares must choose between his Divinely Dysfunctional Family, his pride, and Alena.

Get lost in this sweeping dark saga of lust, rage, revenge, and redemption. Battle Ancient Gods while falling in love with Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. They share a love that will rock the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic moors.

The Heart of War and the OF WAR Series contain scenes of graphic sex and violence. As such, this novel is intended for ADULTS ONLY it is NOT recommended for the Faint of Heart.

1st Review: *4.5 stars*
Wow, there is so much to this book, so much to share. The main characters in this book are a half-human, half-fay woman named Magdalena (also called Maggie or Alena). Alena has been on the run almost her entire life, hiding from her would-be husband Cernunnos, an ancient Celt God who wants to use Magdalena for nefarious purposes. The other main character to this captivating novel is my favorite, Ares, ancient Greek God of War. Ares has been exiled from Olympus to an island somewhere near Greece. One day, Ares finds Magdalena washed up on shore and is instantly curious and captivated by this strange woman. As the story develops, Magdalena's past is slowly uncovered, and it is violent and dangerous. As Ares learns more about Magdalena, he also becomes softened to her. There is a compelling heat between them, and they find themselves falling for each other. Before Magdalena and Ares can have a relationship, truth must be uncovered, and the psychopathic evil God stopped.
This story is full of mythology, I loved it. The Gods of olympus are engaging, the back stories told are all developed. The eroticism is heavy, and quite intriguing. This book is so much more than a simple love story or erotica or fantasy novel, there are sub-plots and back stories. The story is told from several viewpoints, from Magdalena, Ares, Cernunnos, even Eros has a viewpoint in there. All of this is done is a way that the story is only enhanced. It is so wonderfully developed, when I finished reading, I was quite satisfied. The entire story was told. I will admit, at times I was frustrated with Magdalena, she was constantly questioning and doubting Ares. Ares, despite being the God of War, was quite ironically the underdog for much of the story. He was hated by most everyone, except for his mother and a few of his women.
WARNING: I do have to issue a warning, there is a lot of violence in this book. There is rape, and beating, and what I would call torture. It is all part of the story, but it was a bit tough to read at parts.
With all this said, the book was excellent. Everything was there and very well written. The emotions went from deep lows at times, to great highs. There was intrigue, danger, betrayal, and great romance. On that note, I will end my review with this, my favorite quote from the book:
"And still I am alone except when I'm with you. Then I am whole, no longer restless, and no longer weary."

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