The Hunger But Mainly Death Games: a parody

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games, the new parody of Suzanne Collins' epic novel, is here. And finally, teenage death tournaments are funny again. May the odds let there be toilet paper in the arena.


The Hunger But Mainly Death Games follows Bratniss Everclean, who just might be the only sane person in Slum 12, the garbage dump of the evil nation of Pandumb. But that doesn't keep her from shortsightedly volunteering for a tournament that, as its name suggests, is a little more about death than it is about food. However, Bratniss quickly learns that some fates are worse than death…like having to date her fellow competitor (and lifelong stalker) Pita Malarkey. Okay, okay, it's not worse than DEATH, but it's still pretty annoying.