Lost in the Bayou

Kansas City native Cornell DeVille is attracting readers' attention with the release of his new Young Adult thriller, Lost in the Bayou. The funny thing is, it's receiving rave reviews from an older generation. One reader has gone so far as to compare this novel to the work of Stephen King. It may be because, like King, DeVille comes from the Baby Boomer generation, and he typically weaves some of that nostalgic era into his books. Another reason for the comparison is obvious. Deville know how to write a scary book. He has mastered the skill of keeping readers on the edge of their seats and turning the pages .

Consider the following situation:

The Kennedys are in the White House. General Motors has released their new Sting Ray. Wolfman Jack is spinning the disks and filling the summer nights with the songs teens love. And Robin Sherwood is listening to her favorites on her new Zenith Royal transistor radio. Except for the noisy locusts droning in the trees, life at Sherwood Estate couldn't be better. But Robin's perfect summer spins into a graveyard spiral when her parents' plane mysteriously disappears over the Voodoo Swamp.

Suddenly, life isn't so great. And it's about to become a lot worse, because her Uncle Conrad has just arrived—with a silver claw where his left hand used to be. And if that wasn't bad enough, Conrad has a strange obsession with the Lone Ranger. The fact that he knows every episode by number? Well, that's just weird. But weird changes to crazy when he explains the bizarre game he has planned for Robin and her younger brother, Andy. Robin doesn't want any part of his game, but she doesn't want her toes snipped off either, which is the only other option she's given.

It's risky, but even becoming alligator bait in the bayou seems a lot less terrifying right now that having to face what's waiting for her in the cellar.

Available in digital format from Musa Publishing, Amazon, and wherever eBooks are sold.