Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number

In the mood for a feisty female protagonist and a little bit of danger? Give this book a try.

DOUBLE MOCHA, HEAVY ON YOUR PHONE NUMBER is a read that will keep you turning pages.

Ellie and Bix continually run  into each other, but she manages to give him the brush off each time. When she's snowed in with him, Bix is able to break down her barriers. Winning her over was not the hard part. Ellie's twin sister shows up asking for something that only Ellie can give her. After the things she's done to Ellie is the past, no one believes Ellie says yes. When her sister pretends to be her yet again, it puts all their lives at risk.

The love of family and the twists this book brings each step of the way makes it a new favorite to many readers. Give it a look.

Here's one review: The characters in DOUBLE MOCHA tease you into staying up way past your bedtime and needing your own double mocha to stay awake.

An unlikely first meeting begins a romance that, while sizzling, keeps readers guessing as to how it will turn out. Kramin does an excellent job keeping everyone on their toes and unlike many books I've read, I didn't guess the plot twists before they happened. (This is a HUGE compliment from me.) Coming from the Midwest, I enjoyed the quirks of small-town life -- including the endless snowdrifts -- and look forward to Kramin's next work.

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