Family History Part 1

Hello, my name is KT Hall, and this is the project that consumed so much of my life for a time, "Family History: Part 1". Actually, Parts 1 and 2 consumed about a year's worth of my time, give or take a few months.

This book was a result of wanting to write something "unique" as an author. I wanted something that spanned over a long period of time, something where typical norms and values were questioned, and something where characters were different from those you normally see in books. Of course, I'm not actually sure I succeeded in doing that; either way, Family History: Part 1 is a tale of love, romance, relationships, and of course, family curses. It features a plethora of characters, and of course, the book focuses intently on everybody's relation to one another.

After twenty-five years of perpetual celibacy, Collie Barrett suddenly finds herself pregnant after a mysterious encounter with a handsome stranger. Following his abrupt disappearance, Collie dedicates herself not only to raising her beautiful daughter Marie, but also to protecting her and her future children from a curse that has plagued their bloodline for over two hundred years. 

A thrilling tale of romance, time travel, relationships and family, Family History: Part 1 spans from the years 1812 to 1888 and follows the lives of Collie Barrett and her descendants as luck and love allow them to climb their way in society. Time and time again, each character faces a moment where they are forced to choose between what is right and what is easy, the choices of which affect not only themselves, but the remainder of their bloodline for years to come.