Killing to Know

Killing to know was my first attempt at doing National Write a Novel Month, and as such I flew without a real outline net, so the twits and turns come flying at the reader fast and without warning.

Calvin Hobbs is a retired detective who has gone into the privet eye business. Tonight he has been hired to get a copy of a late mob bosses will from the apartment of a seedy lawyer.  What Hobbs doesn't know is that this job will quickly spirals out of control leading him into a web of deceit, false friends and femme fatals, all who are killing to know what is contained in the last will a testament of Richmond's most notorious crime boss. 

Killing to Know is a hard-boiled thriller that goes right for the jugular, a short gripping gritty, violate and profane mystery that both harkens back to the old detective pulps and retained a wholly modern feel.