The Priest

My name is Monica La Porta and I am an unrepentant thinker. I like to ask myself questions. Lots of them. The more obscure the better. And then, after having thought about it for a while, I find the answers. I normally put them in writing as well. Two years ago, I heard somewhere that medical science is making possible for women to conceive other women without the male contribution. Naturally, several questions followed. What if women didn’t need men to procreate anymore? What would happen to the men? How such society would evolve? The Chronicles of Ginecea is my take on an alternate reality where women have subdued men and heterosexual relationships are considered a perversion. The Priest, the first installation in The Chronicles of Ginecea, is also my first published novel. The book is now available in Kindle format on Amazon at

Here is a short description for you: “Mauricio is a slave. Like any man born on Ginecea, he is but a number for the pure breed women who rule over him with cruel hands. Imprisoned inside the Temple since birth, Mauricio has never been outside, never felt the warmth of the sun on his skin. He lives a life devoid of hopes and desires. Then one day, he hears Rosie sing. He risks everything for one look at her and his life is changed, forever. An impossible friendship blossoms into affection deemed sinful and perverted in a society where the only rightful union is between women. Love is born where only hate has roots and leads Mauricio to uncover a truth that could destroy Ginecea.”