Song of the Ancestors Book I: Web of the Spider Queen

I am best known for writing horror and tales of the supernatural, stories
with modern settings and unbelievable situations. I decided I needed a

This is my first foray into fantasy fiction. It is a classic tale of epic
fantasy adventure complete with massive battles, ruined castles, dark, dank
catacombs, murky swamplands and majestic forests. There are many monsters
and beasts from legend as well as few new ones thrown in. The classic good
against evil story told within a journey to save a world.

The book started as a short story and after a few years of it nagging at me,
I realized that this world had a lot more to tell me about itself, so I
expanded it into a novella. It is the first of a series novellas and I hope
readers will enjoy this new direction in my writing.

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