When Walls Can Talk

I got the inspiration for this novella after visiting Dunstanburgh Castle on the North East coast of England. An evocative, haunting ruin, it sits on a windswept cliff, broken by the enemies of its power hungry owner. As I wandered the grounds, touching the walls that had been witness to so much, I thought "if only these walls could talk. . . ."
And the story idea simply popped into my head. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
A Fantasy Novella - approximately 84 pages

A missing prince. A haunted castle. A dangerous man bent on ruling the kingdom - whatever the cost.

When Rosamond and her friend Dan head out on her birthday to explore an abandoned and haunted castle, they expect to find only a ghost or two. Instead they discover the missing prince, and stumble into the middle of a violent, desperate bid for the throne.

In order to save the injured Prince Jaren, and themselves, Rosamond must reach beyond her own violent past to find her courage, and Dan must find the way to his true self.

Their only help is a children's story come to life: an ancient sorcerer whose soul has been trapped in the walls of the castle for centuries.

Can they keep the prince alive long enough to bring him home safe?

Can they defeat the man who would be king?

*Includes preview chapters at the end for The Claire Wiche Chronicles and TimeSearch trilogy.
Available at Amazon: http://amzn.to/xBpf92