Buried Secrets

I am the author of a new mystery/thriller called Buried Secrets. In this book, coming home isn't always full of joy. In fact, it can be positively murderous.  It's a bit of a murder mystery, only the reader can be pretty sure of who is doing the actual killing. Or can they? To go along with all the missing bodies, there is an element of the paranormal when the ghost of a certain girl from James's past returns from the grave.



On a chill October night, a girl goes missing and sets the small town of Oakridge on edge. Five years later, James is trying to settle himself in a new house and reacquaint himself with a town he'd thought he'd left behind. When girls around town start to go missing again and James begins to suspect his friend might be behind the disappearances, he not only has a difficult decision to make, but he quickly finds himself facing the wrong side of the law as the town fingers him as the most likely suspect. James must dig for the truth before it's too late.