Honeymoon With Harry

Hello, my name is Bart Baker and this is the information about my novel HONEYMOON WITH HARRY ---

first some interesting background and then the description of the book.  The cover is attached.  Thanks!!!   Bart

The movie rights to Honeymoon With Harry were bought by New Line Pictures/Warner Bros. when the book was in galleys.  Everyone told me to wait until the movie was greenlit before I published the book.  That was about seven years ago. 
Oscar-winner Paul Haggis wrote the screen adaptation from my book and was attached to direct.  He got Vince Vaughn and Jack Nicholson interested in playing the leads in the movie version but that version fell apart because of money.

Everyone told me to be patient.  The movie version of my novel would pick up steam again and that when it was greenlit, it would be a better time to publish it.  I waited.  I went through three book agents and a couple interested publishers...waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

Last year, Bradley Cooper got hold of the script and wanted to do it.  He got Robert DeNiro interested.  Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) came aboard to direct.   Again, the movie version of my book looked like it was going to be going and I was ready to unleash my novel on the word with tons of PR and press. 

Then Jonathan Demme and his writing partner decided to do a rewrite on the script.  Everyone hated it.  Demme left the film...and again everything came to a standstill.   Bradley Cooper stayed involved.

A couple months ago, I was informed that Bradley Cooper had contacted the producers with interest in directing the movie version of Honeymoon With Harry himself, making it his directorial debut.  So I knew I couldn't wait any longer with publishing the book.  (Hell, it'd been seven years!)  So instead of dealing with traditional publishers (again) and agents (again), I hired an artist to do the cover and a format person to format the book for print, kindle and e-books.  And I released the book myself.   Seven years is long enough to wait.  
Haven't heard a word from the producers about Cooper being attached as the director but I know it is pretty common knowledge around Hollywood that he is interested, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

I don't know if this qualifies as a funny story or a saga...but there you go.

Here is a descrption of HONEYMOON WITH HARRY:
When Harry's daughter, Tami, falls in love with Todd, it's war.  Harry refuses to allow this womanizing, alcoholic son-of-a-bitch from marrying his perfect daughter. But Todd's never been in love before and Tami is the best thing that's ever happened to him.  When the unthinkable occurs, these two men are thrust together on a physical and emotional odyssey that neither one may survive.
 Todd Cartwright admittedly is not a nice guy.  But when he meets Tami Everett, something in him changes.  All the effort he put into his bad behavior he puts into Tami until she falls in love with him.  She changes him and Todd has never felt this kind of love.   It couldn't be more perfect.
Until Todd meets Tami's father, Harry.  Tough and wily, Harry sniffs out Todd instantly and he does everything in his power to trainwreck Todd's relationship with Tami.  But Todd is not a man who gives up easily.  The war escalates, leaving Tami as the prize in the middle. 
But Tami has fallen for Todd.  She knows his past but is in love with the man he's become.  And she is ready to spend the rest of her life with him.
 A few days before the wedding, tragedy rocks both Todd and Harry's world, sending them crashing into a depth of heartache and anger that neither man knows how to handle.  Todd reverts back to past behaviors and Harry hardens up even more.
When Todd decides to go on the honeymoon alone and drink and fornicate away his pain, he finds Harry at the airport with Tami's ashes, heading down to the same island where Tami is to be laid to rest.  The two men must now travel together, to a honeymoon resort, escorted by the person they each blame and hate.
But they are also the only person who can understand the gaping wound each has been left with.  The trip to the island is a time for each man to deal with his consuming anger and loss.  And strangely, each helps the other through this tragedy in hilariously unexpected ways.  It's clear these men will never ever be friends but they do share one thing in common, they loved the same woman.  And it is that fact, that emotional bond, that tethers them together and keeps Todd from destroying himself.
The two men come to an understanding, a relative peace with each other and the future, and through the power of Tami's love, realize they are able to move forward with their lives.