Kindle books review

In this short post I will try to give you some reasons why getting self published kindle book reviews is a very important factor in promoting sales of your book:

1. Reviews indicate that somebody has already read your book and that he has taken his time to comment it.

2. Positive kindle book reviews (four or five stars) encourage other readers to buy your book.

3. Reviews often contain ways of looking at your book that you yourself would never think of, and can inspire you immensely.

4. Reviews can greatly improve the visibility of your Kindle book on amazon, for example if readers use the "sort by review" option

5. Kindle book is an interactive object and ways of bringing customers to it's page on amazon are also interactive. Readers can come to your book via route of reading reviews of the same author.

6. Getting reviews can also point out some typos and errors in your book and encourage you to polish it if necessary.

-- GoodKindles - best kindle book reviews!