Scorpion: Sting

The funny thing about my new eBook is that these days when I catch a story in the news or read a link on my yahoo page, I immediately think of my main character. She goes by Dada codename Scorpion. She's a super hero of sorts, going undercover, kind of like the A-Team with a female Hannibal. I love that she chooses her cases based on the underdog. It seems cliche, but she really is a person that fights evil. She's an avid dog lover, she meditates, practices yoga, balances & strengthens her chi and loves her crew fiercely. She is someone you would want on your team and if not for her secret job, she would be your best friend. When the time comes, she uses her favorite saying learned from the school where she was trained, Dirt Academy. While there, they would tell her the best way to get out of a situation in the field and turn it back to your advantage is either with charm or to disarm. With her looks, personality and instinct, she can definitely charm.

June Sadler

DADA code name Scorpion is head of a trio of rogue outcasts in a clandestine organization known as the Consortium. After years of being sequestered in a sub dwelling within the confines of Consortium headquarters unfairly punished for a case gone wrong her time has been spent creating the Burrow. Dada once thought she worked for a group that maintains the balance of good in the world, until she was set up as a scapegoat. A secret mentor on the inside has been steadily supplying her with equipment, gadgets and tools for the Burrow where Dada soon discovers multiple enemies in cahoots against her utilizing Consortium resources to destroy her once and for all.