DESTINIES, a historical fiction novel, is a semi-finalist in Kindle Book Review's BEST INDIE BOOKS OF 2012.

It is an epic tale of royalty and rural family. The story is told from two viewpoints, that of Catherine, who became Catherine the Great, and that of Christian Kehler, a young Rhineland boy whose life was changed forever when Catherine invited his people to come live in Russia. Neither of them was prepared for what they were to come up against. Catherine repeatedly faces court intrigue, deceit, betrayal and attempts to overthrow her, including the most major attack against the monarchy in more than a hundred years, the Pugachev rebellion. Additionally, as much as she dislikes being suspicious, she continually imagines signs that her beloved of ten years is a liar and an unfaithful cheat. Is she right? If she is, how can she protect her breaking heart?

Christian's troubles begin early, with severe hardships during their travels along the the road to Lubeck and their eventual boarding of the Imperial sailing ships. There is no way to anticipate Christian's engagement with the captain's daughter or the frightening situation that arises on the ship. Nor can he or the girl know what lies ahead as they arrive in Russia: the cruel Lord Yefimov, the Russian Blacksmith or the Tzigane Gypsies.

Destinies is a sweeping saga that moves rapidly, keeping readers turning the pages, readers who end up saying they didn't want it to end.

AUTHOR KARLEENE MORROW, a student of history, psychology and sociology, writes historical fiction because it fits so well into her interests. She discovered through years of genealogy research that her family goes back to the Rhineland people who accepted Tzarina Catherine's invitation to move to Russia. That propelled her into research of Catherine and the Romanov Dynasty, and eventually into writing the historical fiction novel, Destinies. She lives at the beach in the Pacific Northwest with her Pomeranian show dogs and is at work on her next novel set in 18th century Virginia. Her mini book, Fiction Writing: How To Write Your Novel, will be released this fall.

DESTINIES is available as an ebook, $4.99, on, Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, iTunes and Smashwords. The paperback book can be purchased at or for $22.50 or at a reduced price of $12.99 for an autographed copy direct from the author's web site at

THERE ARE SIXTEEN  5-Star reviews on for Destinies as well as 5 Star reviews on Barnes & Noble. Following is a clip from one Amazon review:

"This historical novel is written with such grace, compassion and attention to detail that it is like no other I have read before. . . . Destinies by Karleene Morrow is truly a MUST READ. —Marilou George, The Kindle Book Review"

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