More Ketchup than Salsa

Hmm... continue a career in fish entrails or run a bar on a sub-tropical island. Tricky.


We’re all presented with life-changing opportunities at times, the only question is do you grab it with both hands and wade right in, or pause, ponder and allow the moment to pass?

Despite having zero business acumen and combined life savings barely reaching the waist level of a ceramic pig, my girlfriend and I plough straight in to a new career, new culture and new life without a second thought. This is a true account of the calamities we faced.


For anybody who has flirted with the idea of escaping to fresh pastures, this award-winning book will either inspire, burst or simply clarify those dreams. Either way, you’ll find yourself laughing, crying and screaming... probably all at the same time.



It was while holding aloft a not altogether pleasant-smelling mackerel that the decision was made. The March rain hammered on the rotting tin roof high above the market stall, where I had spent the last six months pushing out dubious trays of marine life at three for a fiver. After a two-week vacation Joy and I vowed that a life in fish giblets was not going to be our destiny and a life in the sun, was.
A complete lack of catering experience, zero business acumen and the sum of our vastly wealth barely reaching waist level of a ceramic pig did little to deter our enthusiasm for buying a bar. “Where do we sign?” we replied. And then the whole silly, sunny saga began...

When Joe and his girlfriend Joy decide to trade in their life on a cold fish market to run a bar on a sub-tropical island, they anticipate a paradise of sea, sand and siestas. Little did they expect their foreign fantasy to turn out to be about as a wet Monday morning.

Amidst a host of eccentric locals, homesickness and the occasional cockroach infestation, pint-pulling novices Joe and Joy struggle with the expat culture and learn that, although the skies might be bluer, the grass is definitely not always greener. 

A hilarious insight into the wild and wacky characters of an expat community on a vacation island, More Ketchup than Salsa is a must-read for anybody who has ever dreamed about jetting off to sunnier climes or finding a job abroad in these trying economic times.