Ghost in the Machine - a crime thriller

Hi, I'm Ed James, author of the SCOTT CULLEN series.

GHOST IN THE MACHINE is an Edinburgh-based police procedural with a
modern twist, and is the first in the SCOTT CULLEN series but the
sequel, DEVIL IN THE DETAIL, is out on the 14th of October. It
currently has 42 reviews on Amazon UK, averaging 4.6.

The book is a unique twist on the traditional British Detective police
procedural - the story is told from the perspective of a Detective
Constable, the lowest rank a Detective in the UK can hold. Most books
in the genre tend to feature a DI (Detective Inspector), which is
roughly the sort of leadership role you'd expect, not a door-to-door
sort - the more ludicrous books feature a DCI, which is essentially an
administrative post. Most series begin with the detective already a
burnt-out husk - his wife has left him, he's an alcoholic, his
colleagues don't like him, etc. This series has his mistakes on the

The key feature of this particular novel is that DC Scott Cullen is
just starting out but is faced with a crime in which social media
plays a significant part - the victim, a young single mother, was
using Schoolbook, a social network, which may or may not have played a
part in the mystery. Cullen also uses it and it is a core part of the
way he approaches the crime. The story is set in Edinburgh, Scotland,
a city I've lived in since I was 18 when I moved from the north-east
of Scotland, much like Cullen did.

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Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

-- Ed