Quantum Paleo - Non Fiction dieting book promotion: Weight loss, Diet, Women's Health

Quantum Paleo - Non Fiction dieting book promotion: Weight loss, Diet, Women's HealthQuantum Paleo: Your personal leap!

Quantum Paleo is not… just a diet book, it is a result-oriented personal journey to help you make lasting changes in your health, mindset, and waistline. AND if you follow the 21-day plan you will lose 6-18 pounds in the first three weeks.

Quantum Paleo is not… long or complicated. It's concise by design. Most diet books are not read cover to cover—readers typically search for what they need to know. QP cuts to the chase and tells you what you need to know to achieve results.

Quantum Paleo is… about having a major breakthrough in the way you eat, live and take care of your body. No matter how many times you failed at reclaiming your health and ideal body weight in the past, QP can help you succeed this time by challenging you to discover what you are fighting for and use that discovery to achieve your dreams!

Quantum Paleo is… a proven path to vitality and health used by Dr. Doug in his NYC wellness practice for the past 14 years. Dr. Doug continues to work with professionals, families, celebrities—people from all walks of life, including the casts of dozens of Broadway shows and the elite dancer/athletes of New York's premier ballet companies. He is NYC's "Heath Fixer".

 "I decided to write a book that would cover the information gleaned from 100's of consultations with my patients. This is a 'what you need to know book'. The moment you take action on this information your life will start changing fast.  It takes an open mind and a quantum leap to get the most out of this material."

Are you ready to "Take the leap to your best body ever?"

Dr. Doug Willen has a full time Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition practice in NYC, where he specializes in finding natural solutions for chronic health issues, and inspiring his clients to achieve optimal health and vitality.