Guardians: The Girl YA Fantasy/ YA Romance

You have been lied to about Angels. I was too. First, did you know they can be jerks, especially ones named Marcus?

The Guardians are powerful Angels sent here to retrieve a map before demons can get thier hands on it. The only clue to finding the map is me. Unfortunately I have no idea where the map is. I'm just a girl who reads too much and day dreams about a more exciting life. Then, out of nowhere I'm being shot at, tortured, and chased.

What's worse is that a prophecy has been made: If Marcus, the team leader, and I unite, it will bring about the end of the world. So, Marcus is trying to stay away from me. Well, that's fine. I have no feelings for him whatsoever.

I mean, its not like my heart races every time he enters the room. I don't think about him or his perfect in every way girlfriend. And my heart does not ache every time I watch them kiss...