River Rat - Coming of Age Edgy YA Book Marketing Reeve Thomas

River Rat - Coming of Age Edgy YA Book Marketing Reeve Thomas
River Rat - Coming of Age Edgy YA Book Marketing Reeve Thomas

River Rat: A Novelette

Want to read a book that does NOT include vampires, werewolves, zombies, or zombie-werewolf-vampires? "River Rat" might be the book for you. It's a novelette, short and bittersweet. The genre is a mix of Coming of Age/Edgy YA, with a touch of Paranormal Romance. But it's not a typical Paranormal Romance.

Sixteen-year-old Floyd Lebus is a river rat. His kind was born one hundred years ago, when an enraged father threw his pregnant teenage daughter from a bridge. The baby swam free of his mother and survived, living in the river and on land.

Fast forward to now—Floyd and his clan live on the cliffs overlooking the river. They have adapted over the years to blend in with the locals, and are tolerated, as long as they stick to their own kind. Floyd gets his heart set on Mandy O'Dell, who is decidedly not his kind. She spends her summer days swimming in the river, and Floyd can't resist her. Despite their differences, Mandy is drawn to sweet and awkward Floyd. Dark family secrets will be revealed, and their forbidden union may have brutal consequences for Mandy.

The book contains some adult language, and adult situations, but nothing outrageous. Sorry, there is no graphic or gratuitous sex. There is no hunky beefcake. There is an engaging story about an outsider falling in love with a girl who is way out of his league. It's a story about the conflict between family loyalty and love. It's a story about keeping ugly secrets, and how revealing those secrets can set you free.

"River Rat" is a quick read, in which you'll meet interesting characters, and watch the drama unfold. One reader told me: "I really liked that the ending wasn't all sunshine and unicorn farts." (I love that.)

As a writer, my job is simply to tell a good story. I hope I've done that. Thanks for reading.