The Memory Songbook - contemporary, magical realism fiction

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Memory Songbook

Music takes me back.  It always has.  I hear one great song and I'm 12 or 17 or --   I believe we all share this ability to time travel.  But it came as a big surprise to the central character of my novel.   It never dawned on him that he might save a life by helping an elder remember his favorite songs.

The pages of the manuscript flip-flop in my hand, a pale rectangular fish with thin blue horizontal lines.  I'm tempted to fling the bulk across the room into a waste bin.  But when I glance at the title page —
      My head begins to throb.
      I feel faint. 
      The room begins to spin.
      Behind me I hear my mother Lo say, "Should I call an ambulance?" 
      I laugh, trying to hide my disorientation.  Suddenly the second-story floor feels warped and the slanted attic ceiling is threatening to crush me. 
      "What, what?"
       Lo sounds concerned. 
      I drop down on the narrow bed as a cyclone of music envelops me.  Styles and various tempos fight for my attention.  I hear myself try to sing along.  Lo complains.
      "Why are you shouting?"
      And then it all stops.  I clear my head and take another look at the title page.
                                      The Memory Songbook
       Lo sits down beside me. 
      "When did you find this?"
      "I think it was last week.  No, yesterday.  Or — "
      "You shouldn't be climbing the stairs."
      "I was putting away the Christmas decorations."
      "Last week?"
      "Well, no, maybe it was  — "
      "Mom, you haven't had a Christmas tree in twenty years."