The Newts - a comic novel

"The Newts" will be free to download on Amazon September 21 and September 22, 2012.

Matt Valenti


American politics is about to get even weirder. 

Follow the adventures of  Tea Partier named Ed the Electrician as he tries to resurrect Ronald Reagan from the dead in "The Newts," the funniest political satire of the 2012 election. Along the way, you'll meet a cross-dressing fertility god who weeps for the souls of dead corporations, a burning creosote bush that transforms into a talking beard named Jerry, a three-headed lawyer whose bite is worse than his bark -- and oh yes, the singing Fox Newts. 

"Made me laugh out loud . . . by the time the book reaches its climax - a dramatic debate between Reagan and FDR over which should return to life and re-assume the presidency - I couldn't stop reading. . . . No one can say this book isn't funny." Liz Ellor, O43 


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