This Brilliant Darkness - a Dark Fantasy/Horror novel

This Brilliant Darkness just celebrated its first birthday in early September!  After a year out there "in the world," this little book has received multiple five- and four-star reviews, been a book club pick, and has found some devoted fans!   Author Red Tash couldn't be prouder.  A fast-paced headtrip of a book, you'll meet lifelong Hoosier & quirky professor Christine Grace, her zen-Catholic boyfriend Tom, the eccentric British physicist Richard Welletter, the brooding monster Greachin, and many more characters as you traipse with them around the unique city of Bloomington, Indiana--home of one of the most popular universities in the world.  What is lurking in the quiet campus woods?  How are all the characters connected?  If you liked Stephen King's The Stand, or you're a fan of Robert Altman's films, you will love This Brilliant Darkness!