Shipwrecked- A Historical Romance by Jenna Stone

Fiery and strong-willed Anna Stanton boldly accepts a proposal from Lieutenant Jonathan Arbor, a ruthless man who agrees to pay her ruined family handsomely if she leaves England and joins him in the New World.

 Having lost everything in the failed Scottish rising against the English crown, devilishly handsome Rowan Murray finds himself shackled with his brothers Quinn and Malcolm and transported to the New World as an indentured prisoner. A stroke of luck causes the Mary Catherine to sink, and the Murray brothers find themselves shipwrecked on the shores of a new and dangerous land. 

When Rowan rescues the mysterious Anna Stanton from the aftermath of he shipwreck, he finds himself torn between loyalty to his brothers and an unexpected attraction that he feels towards the English lass. The Murray brothers endeavor to escort Anna into the care of her betrothed, and the undeniable passion between Rowan and Anna blooms, binding them with forbidden desires.

 Despite Anna's duty to marry Jonathan, she finds herself falling deeply and irrevocably in love with Rowan - a man that she knows she can never have. When they finally succumb to their desires, Rowan and Anna embark on a passionate forbidden love affair, each aware that their love cannot survive their duties to their families. Rowan vows to move heaven and Earth to defy Anna's fate and reclaim her from jealous and vengeful Jonathan Arbor. 

How can he force himself to walk away from the only woman he has ever loved? 

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