The Pursuers of the Supernatural (POTS) - a supernatural thriller novel by David A Marino

"…because of the fact that [POTS] was brave enough to go into the Center at night, and since [they] weren't there to vandalize the property, I have to say that I'm almost proud of [them]."

—Adolescent Center Property Owner


"…[they] argue, [they] fight, [they] pick at each other, [they] waste time, and [they] get sidetracked. I'm not sure how much supernatural investigating actually gets done, and sometimes I think that [they] probably miss the important evidence because [they're] too self-absorbed. But that's why I like [POTS]. That's why I'm investing in [their] services."

—Richmond, Virginia Apartment Renter


"…and whether or not [POTS] realizes it, whether [they] believe it or not…assembling a team of perception-sensitive individuals at the ranch was our last chance...and it worked."

—Southwestern Virginia Bed & Breakfast Owner

When two young children at the wake of a family member claim to have seen the recently deceased, six intrigued friends decide to form a group of investigators (POTS) based on their piqued curiosity. The gang probes an abandoned train tunnel and scene of a gruesome accident, a ramshackle house where an abduction once took place, a deserted asylum for unstable children in which questionable methods were practiced, an old inner-city apartment building making unexplainable sounds, and a horse ranch from which animals have vanished without a trace. Throughout their exploits, POTS transforms from anonymity to slight infamy, evolving from being ill-prepared and disorganized to being requested for services. Their escapades include encounters with police, multiple escapes from a psychopathic stalker, and, of course, evidence of the supernatural. The Pursuers of the Supernatural documents the comic misadventures of this group of friends in their inexperienced attempts to find proof of life after death.