A Smaller Hell - a gothic urban fantasy by A. J. Reid

A Smaller Hell is a darkly comic urban fantasy set in a decaying shipbuilding town in Northern England, where a few grand relics of better days still survive amongst the detritus.  Tanner’s Department Store is one of these relics, and it is here that Tony Black finds a temporary job over the Christmas period to help him stay hidden from those hunting him down.

Black’s journey takes him through the syringe-strewn wastelands, the greasy spoon cafes, the run-down docker’s pubs, prostitutes’ penthouses and the mythical tunnels built beneath the town.  He is both guided and chastised by characters galvanised by the hardships of survival in such a place.

Behind the glitzy cosmetics counters, the spellbinding Christmas displays and CCTV cameras, Dianne Doyle is making plans of her own for Black.  An ex-boxer, Black is no stranger to violence, but what he finds in Doyle is a darkness he has never encountered in any opponent. Can he summon the darkness within himself that he needs to in order to survive?


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