Death on Route 37 - a murder mystery by Reginald Gray

    A gang of robbers hijack a public transport bus on its normal routine run on bus route 37 into West Town, a fictional rural town in England. They rob the passengers at gunpoint then, before leaving, the bus driver is shot dead for no apparent reason. Who are they? Why do this? What do they hope to gain?
    These are the questions that Detective inspector Ted Harty and his colleague Detective Sergeant Bob Tully of the West Town police force want answers to. The trail leads them up many paths and more deaths follow until the answers are finally found in the very last chapter.
    The basic plot for this story came suddenly to the mind of the author, Reginald Gray, as he was out walking one day and passed a local bus stop as passengers were boarding. The more he thought about it the more he could see the potential and decided to put pen to paper or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard and here is the result.
    It is not a particularly long story comprising some 66,000 words in 22 chapters covering 221 pages in the paperback version, but manages to hold the reader's interest from the beginning and throughout.
    As at the end of November 2012 Amazon sales of the book for the Kindle are 181 while 11,031 have been taken free during KDP promotion days, mostly in the US and UK with a few in Europe. A number of interesting reviews have followed.
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