Pilate's Ghost -- A Mystery Thriller by J. Alexander Greenwood

Hi Goodkindles Readers!

I'm J. Alex Greenwood, author of Pilate's Ghost, the third book in the "John Pilate" series of mystery thrillers.

The Pilate series is light on the mystery, medium on the thrills and heavy on the mayo. The books feature John Pilate, a reluctant hero with a funny last name and an even funnier imaginary friend. You can start with this book or read the first two (Pilate's Cross or Pilate's Key) first. I'll tell you straight up that Ghost is the darkest of the trilogy (But there's still plenty of mayo in there).

I don't make any highfalutin claims, but the books have been
compared favorably to Robert B. Parker, Carl Hiaasen and strangely, even Anthony Bourdain (he wrote some fiction before blowing up as a a celebrity chef and travel show host). The Kindle Book Review named Book 2: Pilate's Key a semi-finalist for Best Mystery.

Pilate's Ghost finds our Mr. Pilate battling a nasty "ghost" from his past, a guilty conscience and the urge to drink martinis at noon.

When a shadowy enemy rises from the dead, and the heavy hand of a guilty past weighs on his marriage, John Pilate must master his own fear and marshal his resources to defend his family and his life. Soon he discovers he isn't the only one fighting a desperate battle, and that not all ghosts from his past are hostile...

There will be a KDP Select freebie day for Pilate's Ghost on November 26, 2012.

Get more info and a sample here: http://amzn.com/B009M9MM42

Thanks for checking out Pilate's Ghost and the rest of the series. I hope you'll find my books entertaining and fun.

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