Sex Games: The Olympic events you won't see on television

This book will be available free on Wednesday November 7th and Thursday November 8th 2012. A work of fiction, it represents a very well written and extremely steamy account of what goes on at the Olympics when the TV cameras have shut down for the day. It focuses on a Latin American field hockey team, where two glamorous room-mates end up sharing a little more than their warm-up routine. Soon they are embroiled with a posh English girl, one of the volunteers, who brings them back to her room to give her black room-mate, equally posh, a wonderful 'awakening'. Trying to keep the Latin lovers apart, Coach Hernandez moves in to share with the younger girl, but soon the jailer has turned into a playmate! It's a taboo-breaking coach-student scene that bubbles over with sexual tension. Then these two hatch a plot to derail the Indian field hockey team by seducing the team's main star, the superglamorous Sameera, on the physiotherapy massage table. It's an achingly erotic climax to a very sexy book!