A Strange Life - a paranormal horror story by Frank Zubek

A Strange Life: A Novella is the story of Nick Crowell, a Cleveland Detective, was shot in the line of duty in a cemetery four years ago. Now every few months he encounters people with strange problems who come to him for help.His problem is that he has no experience in this kind of thing and in most cases there's nothing he can do for them and this weighs on him.

In addition to this, Crowell has to break in a new detective, Jay Cole, who is an attractive black woman who's husband left her under unusual circumstances seven years ago. Plus you'll meet Phil, Crowell's best friend who runs a bar called No Promises

Since 1999, Frank Zubek has had a handful of short stories published online as well as the novella, Chalk Story.

He is already working on a second novella length book for Detective's Crowell and Cole called "A Strange Life: Even Steven." which is scheduled for Summer 2013 as well as a stand alone short story called "The Die Over Man: A Nick Crowell Story" coming soon ( probably February)

Crowell was originally published as a series of five short stories in the now defunct web page Demon Minds . This is the first full length Crowell e-book novella for kindle based on those characters.

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