Yeval - a psychological thriller and satirical novel by C. W. Schultz

Scary.  Disgusting.  Traumatizing.  Hilarious.
Some will love it.  More will hate it.  No one will be the same after reading it.
C. W. Schultz's brave debut about an emotionally scarred man using an imaginary monster as a gateway into the mind of a serial killer has been the talk of small circles since its 2007 release.  The book is noted for its graphic violence, an element that Schultz argues makes the book an anti-violence story.  "I'm the kind of writer who prefers to approach something in the most frank way.  If I want to write about anti-sexism, I am going to do it by revolving the story around a misogynist.  If I want to tell an anti-violence story, the novel is going to be about a twisted sicko.  There is no room for tameness in my books."
Yeval is a satire on the glamorization of violence and its use in entertainment, told poignantly through the eyes of Randy Mulray—an unreliable narrator who is compulsively influenced by pop culture and is slowly driving himself into a mental isolation triggered by a childhood event.
Randy is haunted by an imaginary monster named Yeval, who shows him incredibly heinous acts of violence in great detail.  Because this is psychological, Randy cannot escape the images Yeval shows him.  Randy soon realizes that Yeval has been showing him actual murders as they happen from the killer's point-of-view.  These shocking experiences inspire Randy to embark on a journey of self-love and self-understanding… and also on a quest to find and stop the serial killer known as the Seattle Slayer.
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