A List of Offences by Dilruba Z. Ara

A List of Offences is a novel about a  Bengali, Muslim girl's secrets, dreams and  search of confirmation...When Daria is born with silver hair, the village gossips of Gulab Ganga predict a life of misfortune for the freakish baby girl. As a headstrong young woman, she marries the first handsome man she meets and moves with him to Chittagong. Trapped in a city household whose modern, irreligious ways represent everything that her traditional village home did not, Daria finds herself with nowhere to turn. But when she gives birth to her own baby daughter, she knows she must challenge deep-rooted Bengali prejudices and forge a different life for her child. 

The book is available on KDP and can be downloaded for free until December 30.

It was first published in Dhaka in 06 by University Press Limited and then sold to Spain and Greece. In parts of South America it hit the top ten list in 09. It has been widely reviewed around the world and is now being used as a subject for masters thesis at the department of English - Stockholm - Södertorn University.  More information about the book can be found at: www.dilrubazara.com

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