A Smaller Hell - a black comedy by A.J. Reid


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When I was writing "A Smaller Hell", I really had no idea that it was to be a black comedy.  I had no idea it was ever to be read by anyone except me.  I've had a fondness for the surreal and the absurd for as long as I can remember, and this book is largely a celebration of that.  It also celebrates the darkness in human beings as a source of both horror and amusement, and pays particular attention to how some will cleverly integrate their darker needs and desires into the traditional systems that our society uses to function.  It seems to me as though greed and cruelty have spread like a cancer, with more and more people behaving like the faceless, remorseless corporations who orchestrate ... well, everything.  This book explains, in amplified and comical terms, my experiences of living amongst and working for people who should be in straitjackets and given sainthoods in equal number.  
Probably more in straitjackets, actually.

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