According to Luke - A romantic thriller by Rosanne Dingli

Everyone thinks of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code when they hear about According to Luke. But it's not a conspiracy book, and neither does it have any stuffy religious politics in it.
According to Luke is a gripping novel full of action, adventure, and forbidden love. Its largest claim to fame is its delving into the mystery behind the identity of St Luke - who was this Christian evangelist and follower of Paul from Tarsus, anyway? The secret found in an ancient pre-Byzantine icon hints at a fact that absolutely stirs the Catholic Church, and poses a question to Protestants, and gets the Muslims going too.

Why are there three groups of people hell-bent on getting their hands on the icon? Jana Hayes, who restores the picture, is puzzled. The priest who brought it to her is too attractive. She cannot concentrate, which makes her open to his charms, vulnerable to the ruthless people who want the icon, and weak before the charge and power of a very wealthy person in her life.
All this, and much more, in one novel that has had readers of all kinds give up on sleep to find out what's over the page. Read 19 reviews on Amazon. Download it to your Kindle and see whether you can resist reading it before all those other downloads waiting there. Ah - According to Luke. It will make you want more from this author. And there's plenty.