Beyond the Dream - A fantasy novel by Oliver Kennedy

You just woke up. That dream which so entertained your mind a few moments ago is already beginning to fade. But where do you think it goes once your conciousness is done with it? The dark forgotten recesses of your mind...think again. Welcome to Avalen. The land where the dreams go once mortal minds have dispensed with them. The place where the fantasies go to live and die, love and hate. The place where they cherish and conquer, where war amongst the dreams is just as brutal as it is for the mortals from whose minds they sprung. Into the dreamworld is flung a human, Anthony Hallow. Manipulated by the talented jackals, hunted by the Fenngaard palace Anthony must try and fathom his purpose in Avalen before he is destroyed by its inhabitants!

Hunted by dragons, giants, angels and demons Anthony comes across an unlikely ally in the form of the snowmen of Snowdell. A peaceful people who will defy their own nature and the will of the Geddon kings by protecting the dreamer and trying to help him fathom the meaning of the prophecy which has brought him to Avalen. For Anthony's coming has been foretold of for thousands of years, he is the 'Sad Father' of the Ayalla Prophecy, and his arrival will herald the 'time of reckoning during which all matters between the dreamstone walls will be settled'. Walk with him beyond the dream and see what fate is written...

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