"Dreams to Dream" - a performers memoir by Moubellalisa

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"Like everyone else, I have a dream. I want to sing. All of the time. To anyone who will listen to what I have to sing..."

Have you ever wanted something with all of your heart and soul; and yet it continually slips away? This quandary leaves one with two choices: either give up, or to keep trying. This book will inspire you towards the latter.

The scene is set in Northwest Ohio in America's Heartland at the turn of the century with German immigrant ancestors; and continues across the globe and over expanses of American culture. Based on actual events offering a glimpse into the world of entertainment; this is a compelling account about struggle and perseverance against daunting odds; about relationships under remarkable conditions.

Amazon reader review: "This book is like sitting down with a good friend and having that person bare their soul to you – the good, the not so good, and everything in between. The author tells about her life's journey (so far) without holding too much back. Her brutal honesty makes it easy to figure out why she is a survivor...although I have different dreams, this book made me want to keep pursuing them no matter what the obstacles".

Dreams to Dream was written with a message not only for aspiring and established performers – but also for people of all walks of life: know who you are, accept who you are and always be true to yourself. With this mantra, combined with dedication and hard work...a dream can indeed be made into reality.

This is truly a story created for the "underdogs" in life. For anyone has worked hard to get close to achieving their dream; only to have it yanked away – you must read this book!

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