Romeo's Tell - a mystery/thriller novel by William Neubauer

Why would you want to read Romeo's Tell? What sets it apart from other mystery/thrillers? The story unfolds as a mystery on the surface of what turns out to be a much deeper, darker, and more complex conspiracy. Interesting perhaps, but many stories do that. And as with other stories it is possible to solve this mystery using inductive reasoning. But Romeo's Tell does something a little different in that it affords the reader an additional opportunity: it literally provides the answer to the primary aspect of the mystery in the first ten percent of the book.

That is, if you are attentive and apply what you learn, you can determine with no doubt "who done it" before you've finished reading the Amazon sample, even though the individual has not yet appeared in the story. This is not by way of guessing or surmising based on a series of obscure clues, but rather by using a very specific process that can lead to only one answer. In fairness it must be said that no one to my knowledge has actually figured it out that early in the story, but all who have read the book have understood exactly how they could have done so, quite simply, had they only thought to apply what they had read.

Similar devices are used in other aspects of Romeo's Tell. The story does not utilize "twists" in the sense of events that come out of nowhere as a complete surprise. Rather it is crafted to employ twists that the reader will feel could have been anticipated.

In a nutshell, that's what's different about this book. If that doesn't sound intriguing, you may not particularly like this book (although I doubt you'll dislike it), since other aspects, such as character and setting descriptions, are probably on par with other books, but don't really set this one apart.

I hope you decide to read Romeo's Tell, or to at least check out the sample.

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