Necessary Larceny, a fun mystery by Ian Stout

Imagine a group of your friends, all older than you, being scammed out of their life savings by a gang of now disappeared scoundrels. Imagine if the police were unable to help, and the victims were ashamed to let family and friends know of their problem. What would you do?

Nick Archer, friend of one of these victims, thinks something must be done and sets about organizing them into a cohesive elderly army bent on getting their money back, no matter how. 

Follow these vigilantes from Florida to Arizona to Niagara Falls in their quest to out-smart those who would cheat and steal from seniors trying to enjoy their retirement. Learn how they out-fox the foxes.

Necessary Larceny is a fun story recognizing that just because the people you cheat have gray hair and wrinkles around the eyes, you better not underestimate them 'cause they may just turn around and bite you.   

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