No Creepers, No Crazies, No Drama: A Guide to Online Dating by Joe Johnson and Sandra Crawford

Tired of wasting time, money and emotions with your unsuccessful online dates?
We wrote this Guide to Online Dating after being inspired from the many people who have come to us for advice on our website and from our friends who have all had similar issues. The biggest complaint by far is; "Why does dating have to be so complicated?"

This book was written with the perspectives of both a man and woman that approach the many topics of Dating and Relationships differently. Even though we may not agree on how to handle each situation we describe, in detail, our individual insights on topic's such as:

- "The History of Dating"
- "How to Set Up your Date"
- "How to Break Up with someone with Class"
- "Real Messages from Online Dating Websites that You Should NEVER send"

This is a provocative book that will make you laugh and as we walk you through both a man's and a woman's approach to online dating that has helped many individuals find better relationship partners and learn how to date online.

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