Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists by Francine Brokaw

In this unprecedented book, journalists from print, online, radio and TV recount some of their memorable experiences on the job. With wit and honesty, Francine Brokaw and 30 of her colleagues discuss their encounters with rude celebrities, misconceptions about their jobs, strange as well as funny interviews and incidents, the craziest places they have conducted interviews and how they each got started in the business.

They all agree that being an entertainment journalist is not glitz and glamour. It is hard work and requires dedication and endurance, as readers will discover. They will also discover that these die-hard professional journalists love what they do and have had some very entertaining moments doing their jobs.

With honesty and humor, as well as a little disdain, the journalists disclose some of the worst interviewees and some of the funniest. Which celebs are boring? Which ones are witty? And what kind of SWAG have the journalists received over the years? The book takes readers right into the lives of these journalists with first-person accounts.

Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists is a fast-paced journey through a section of Hollywood that has never been looked at before. Brokaw not only discloses her own experiences, but also interviewed a variety of colleagues to give readers a well-rounded look at the lives they live and the jobs they perform.

This book is perfect for people considering a career in entertainment journalism or film publicity. It is also a fun read for anyone interested in celebs and Hollywood. Readers can look forward to plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. 

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