The Sky Between Two Worlds: a SciFi Thriller by Glen E. Books

The Sky Between Two Worlds will be free from as a Kindle eBook on 12/13/2012 and 12/26/2012. The Amazon link is

The Sky Between Two Worlds is a fast-paced novella of conflict in a future world where two hostile powers each have stealth warplanes that the other cannot detect. It tells of intrigue, love, politics, battle and survival.


The story follows Kantak Johnson, a mixed-race Alaskan, from inspired invention of the new planes at MIT to defense of the Arctic land he loves. It is cross-woven with intrigue and conflict as economic interests of nations collide. The conflict is driven to climax when a drone strike goes tragically awry.


According to award-winning suspense author Joseph Souza:

"Books has penned a tight, lightning quick techno-thriller in his first outing. He effortlessly weaves … the plot of the story without losing the reader's interest. *** By the time the war is waged, we have fully bought into the tragic sequence of events that have led to this apocalyptic crisis…. The Sky Between Two Worlds is a first-rate techno-thriller sci-fi novella that should be read by all fans of this genre." The full review may be read at Mr. Souza's website,

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